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AiMorphous Health is a Swiss Medtech startup. We are at the forefront of innovation, spearheading the development of a disruptive AI-powered blood diagnostics engineered to predict the risks of thrombosis and bleeding, potentially safeguarding the lives of numerous patients.



  • Thrombosis is a leading cause of heart attacks, strokes, vein thrombosis, or lung emboli, accounting for over 25% of deaths globally.
  • Research indicates that a staggering 80% of thrombosis cases could be prevented through early detection.
  • Unfortunately, there is currently no reliable test capable of identifying the risk of early or asymptomatic thrombosis.
  • But that is about to change! We are developing a groundbreaking blood test designed to identify early biomarkers of thrombosis.
  • Our AI-powered blood diagnostics leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze blood samples with unprecedented accuracy and precision. By identifying subtle patterns and anomalies that may elude traditional diagnostic methods, these systems can provide earlier detection of a wide range of health issues, from chronic diseases to emerging conditions.
  • This breakthrough has the potential to enable timely intervention and treatment, preventing thrombosis from escalating into life-threatening events.
  • By detecting thrombosis risk early, we can save countless lives and reduce the burden of these devastating cardiovascular conditions on individuals and society.
  • This innovative solution represents a significant step forward in thrombosis prevention and management, offering hope for a healthier future.




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We're all about people

Dr. San Pun

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ming Zou

Co-Founder & CMO/COO

Daniel Shoukier

Co-Founder & CTO/CBO



We are honored and delighted to have been chosen as a winner at Venture Kick for innovating blood diagnostics

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